How to translate the theme

To translate the theme in your language you can use the Loco Translate WordPress plugin.

Install Loco Translate plugin and follow this guide:

  1. Go to Loco Translate then in the list of themes find the desired theme name. And click on + New Language
  2. Select the language from the list and click “Start Translating”.
  3. Now you will see a list of words. You can either scroll to find your word to translate or use the “Filter translation” search option and type in the word you are looking for. Once you select your word write the translation in the “Translation” field.
  4. Click on “Save” and then click on Sync”.
  5. Then go to Settings > General under “Site Language” option to select the language.

When you go back to Loco Translate to do more translations just click on the language you are editing.

That’s all! Your multilingual website is ready to go!

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